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Center For Life Skills Development

Northwest Office

Midtown Office 

Individual, family, and group counseling is found at The Center for Life Skills Development. We are staffed by a multicultural counseling team that is dedicated to the provision of quality care to individuals in need of counseling services in Tucson and outlying areas. The Center provides a myriad of psychological, behavioral, and addiction counseling. It is our goal to be the focal point in our community as a catalyst for change, a place for true and lasting healing, and growth.
Our Office Locations: 

North West Office
2001 West Orange Grove #604
Tucson, Arizona 85704
Office: 520-229-6220    Fax: 520-544-3033

Midtown Office
1625 North Alvernon Way
Tucson, Arizona 85716                

Office: 520-325-3753    Fax: 520-325-3702

East Office
5700 East. Pima Street # E         
Tucson, Arizona  85712            
Office: 520-885-1738    Fax: 520-546-7806

Central Office
3452 East Grant Road
Tucson, Arizona 85716  

Office: 520-546-1642    Fax:  520-325-0436

Services We Provide:

Domestic Violence
Men's DV Education and Support  
Women's DV Education and Support
DV Parenting Skills & Education

Substance Abuse
Intensive Outpatient: 4, 3, 2, 1 Day (Step Down Program)
Alcohol Awareness Education
Relapse Prevention
Reoffenders Program
DUI Treatment and Education
Smoking Cessation

Adult Education and Treatment
Life Skills: Problem Solving Skills & Money Management
Adult Responsibility
Anger Management

Sex Offender Treatment Program
Gender specific Offender Groups: Phase I, II, III
Psychosexual Evaluation and Assessment
Victim Education, Support, Advocacy
Chaperon Training

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